How does the Christian mission of the Seahorses affect the way camp is run?


We seek excellence in all that we do as a way of honoring God.Our staff takes care of your children in a God-honoring manner. We share stories and lessons from the Bible daily. Our coaches share their personal testimonies of how God changed their lives.

What are the typical ages/skill levels at camp?


Ages range from 3-14 years old. Each camp varies with regard to how many older campers (12-14 years old) register. Our camper are from the full range of skills from beginner to advanced. 

How are the kids grouped? What if my child is more advanced for his/her age?


The campers are grouped by age to begin. They will remain in that group for the first day. The coaches are good at challenging kids at their own level and players at any skill level need to practice fundamentals. If the coach feels they should be in a different group for an additional challenge, that can be arranged the next day. 

Can my camper be placed in a group with a friend/sibling?

During the online registration process, there is a question that asks if there is a friend your child would like to be grouped with. We try to accommodate all requests as long as they would not be disruptive to the instruction. You can always talk to the on-site director as well.

Camp starts out with morning skill sessions in their age groups. In these sessions they focus on skill work and use games to reinforce the skill instruction. The camp breaks for water periodically throughout the morning. During this time we try to have the kids in the shade and resting. If they are in the full day camp, the afternoon session consists of tournament games. The campers are mixed from their original morning groups and put onto teams that will compete throughout the week. Where swimming is included it is done towards the end of the camp day.

What does a typical camp day schedule look like?


What is the difference between a half day and full day camp?


Micros camp refers to our 3-4 year old camp which is a 45 minute session at the beginning of the day.
Half Day camp is for 5-6 year olds and lasts 3 hours.
Full Day camp is for 7-14 year olds, lasts for 6 hours and includes lunch (and swimming at some locations).

If you would like to register your child for the half day camp and they are 7 years old, please contact us at 714.739.8375 or email as our online system will not allow you to do that. 

Can I register my child for the half day camp if they are over seven years old?


What happens if it’s very hot?

We know some summer days are very hot and at times there are even heat advisories. We do our best to give the kids shade as often as possible and water breaks are constant on those hot days. We do not cancel camp for heat but we do try our best to make it as comfortable as we can.

What is the camper to coach ratio for supervision purposes?


We keep our camper/coach ratio at or below 10:1

Our coaches are all licensed and trained in Sports Ministry.  We are a non-profit mission’s organization. Some camp funds go to help support the overall mission locally and internationally. 

Who will Coach my Child? What am I paying for?

How do I pick up my child at the end of the day?

Each camper is assigned to a Camp Coach. At the end of the day parents are requested to pick up their child on the field. Also, during registration the first morning of camp you may give the names of those people who have permission to pick up your child at the end of the day.

What do you wear to camp?

Campers should wear comfortable clothes that they will be able to play soccer in. Also, it is recommended that campers have cleats and shin guards. If your camp includes swimming, bring a suit and towel.

What happens if I need to cancel my camp registration?

Cancellation requests made more than a week before camp starts may receive a full refund minus $10.

What should I bring to Camp?

Soccer shoes, shin guards, tennis shoes, water bottle, sunscreen), bag, mid-morning snack, swim gear and towel (if your camp includes swimming). Campers can refill their water bottles from our water coolers through out the day.

What does the Bible Curriculum like?


Here is the outline of “Glory” our theme for the summer. Each day we will have a "Half time" that shares a story and a skit discussing the daily Bible topic. 


How should we prepare for camps?

• Spend some time playing soccer the weeks leading up to the camp. Practice juggling, dribbling and shooting
• Get plenty of sleep
• Drinks lots of water to avoid dehydration

What is the camper pick-up procedure? 


For the safety of your children, we have implemented the following procedures; your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
* If anyone other than a parent/guardian is to pick-up a child (sibling, other camper parent, relative, neighbor, friend, etc.) please let us know in a note. Please send a signed note with the child on the day(s) the child is being picked up by someone other than his or her parent/guardian.
** If your child is to walk or self-transport home, please send a parent/guardian signed note giving authorization for Seahorse Camps to release the child to do so. 

What is the medication procedure?

***If your child needs medication during the camp day, please bring the medicine clearly marked with dosage and times and give it directly to the Camp Director or on- site staff registration person

This year we are taking an offering to benefit sports ministry in the country of Cuba. Members of the Seahorse staff have been going regularly to Cuba to train Christians in sports ministry principles and techniques. This offering will be given to our sports ministry contacts in Cuba to be used for equipment and training materials.

Missionary Offering