Missionary Athletes International

Missionary Athletes International has a passion to share the message of Jesus Christ with people around the world through the sport of soccer. Since soccer is the world's most popular sport, more countries belong to FIFA (the organization that governs international competition) than belong to the United Nations! Roll out a soccer ball almost anywhere in the world and you will attract a crowd of children. Through the common enjoyment of this world-wide sport, we are able to build relationships that allow us to share the message of God's redeeming love. 

The Purpose of Sports Ministry Training

“A Season of Training for a Lifetime of Service”

MAI has a 30+ year history of sports ministry with a proven history of using soccer as an effective tool for ministry. During this time, tens of thousands of children have participated in MAI camps where they received Bible teaching and the presentation of the Gospel. In addition, over 50 International Tours have ministered successfully in countries on six continents.  All players who participate on MAI teams go through its Sports Ministry Training (SMT) program.  The purpose of sports ministry training is to equip players and coaches to be followers of Jesus Christ, sent to love and serve others.  

MAI’s sports ministry training curriculum is divided into three sections: Heart, Hands, and Feet. 

  • The Heart of Sports Ministry: Personal Transformation through Faith
  •  The Hands of Sports Ministry: Team Transformation through Values
  • The Feet of Sports Ministry : Sent to Love and Serve Others

MAI has used the Sports Ministry curriculum to help train and deploy successful Sports Ministers and to assist multiple organizations create Sports Ministry programs. We have developed five topical studies that support each of the Heart, Hands and Feet.


Charlotte Eagles

The Charlotte Eagles have had over 300 men wear the Eagles crest.  These men have gone on to become coaches, pastors, bankers,teachers, missionaries, athletic trainers, husbands, and fathers influencing thousands and thousands of lives throughout the world both on and off the field with the life changing message of love and servanthood.

So. Cal. Seahorses

Since 1983, the Southern California Seahorses have been impacting the community of La Mirada, as well as over 15 countries around the globe.  Our founders dreamed of competing at a high level of soccer, but for something much more than the mere glory of the game.  Ultimately, the Seahorses do all that we do for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.The Seahorses function as the heart to numerous after-school clinics, camps, international tours, and many other outreach programs.

Chicago Eagles

The Chicago office began in 1997 with the vision of working primarily with collegiate and high school athletes. Through a variety of programs, our goal has been to train and equip young men and women as sports ministers. We also work alongside partners through the world, assisting with training seminars and outreach programs.