Story from Urban Ministry Resident | Josh Ayers

Josh, was returning from walking one of the kids home after practice one evening when he encountered a gang member outside drinking. The gang member continued to tell Josh how much he approves of the Seahorse work with the kids in the neighborhood (particularly the soccer teams) and commended our mission! Sadly, he lamented over the fact that he had not been a part of something like our urban teams growing up in the same neighborhood. He feels stuck with little hope of overcoming in life. Josh shared that "this gave me the perfect visual and real life example of why we are here." Josh prayed with the gang member and then returned home.

Player Testimony | Adrian

"Hi my name is Adrian Patlan and I live in the La Jolla community in the city of Placentia, California. I’ve been a part of the Seahorses for more than a year and a half. I’ve learned a lot with them when I’m with the coaches and the team. But the very best thing I have learned is how to have a very good connection with God. I’ve learned to keep him number one in my life always. He has taught me that I should love and care for everyone and everything. Everything that I have and own is given to me by God. So I want to use it in the best way that I can. I want to thank the Seahorses for everything they have done for me, and our soccer team, and our families."