MARCH 19TH-28TH, 2018  |  Pinar del Rio, Cienfuegos, y Havana  |  $1,495

In March 2018, MAI lead its second tour to Cuba, partnering with our Cuban Champion and local soccer players competing against high level teams in Havana, sharing the name of Jesus thru the platform of soccer! Games will be played in Havana and the interior of the country. All inquiries for future Cuba trips may be directed to Mark Schrock, however, this tour is opened to only former MAI tour players who are presently competing at a high level of soccer and looking to do sports ministry.


Contact for Cuban Ministry: Mark Schrock
t: 714.739.5060

Mark Schrock has been partnering with Cuba since 2010. Emails from Cuba had never come to us, especially in 2009. Cuba being a socialist/communist country with a government that controls it’s people in such an oppressing manner caught our curiosity to see emails with “cu”  at the end of the address. Further email exchanges and learning about what God was doing in Cuba led us to going on a “Josh and Caleb” research trip in 2010. What we learned confirmed that we were to pursue a ministry partnership with the sports ministers in Cuba. We have been in seven different locations in Cuba teaching sports ministry to Christian coaches. These trips have been full of blessings for all of us involved in these opportunities to minister to our fellow coaches in Cuba. God is doing a mighty work in that country through sports and MAI is delighted to have a small part in preparing coaches to use their love of soccer to share the love of Jesus to players, family and friends.




Our Cuban Champion: Miki

Miki has been partnering with MAI since 2010 and is our main contact there in Cuba. To learn more about Miki and our partnership, watch the video below!