Pico Rivera Soccer Camp

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JULY 10-12

9 AM - 12 PM

Ages 6 - 12


Camp Includes:

  • Soccer Drills and Games

  • Snacks & T-shirt

  • Licensed Seahorse Coaching Staff

Pico Rivera Camp
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For $45 off registration, use code FBBCHURCH.ORG at checkout. Discount courtesy of First Bilingual Baptist Church of Pico Rivera. Registration open to Pico Rivera residents only.




Smith Park Stadium

6016 Rosemead Blvd.
Pico Rivera, CA 90660



What to Bring:

- Soccer shoes, shin guards, tennis shoes, water bottle, sunscreen, goalkeeper equipment (If applicable), bag, mid-morning snack if desired

How to prepare: 

- Spend some time playing soccer the weeks leading up to the camp. Practice juggling, dribbling and shooting
- Get plenty of sleep
- Drinks lots of water to avoid dehydration

Camper Pick-up:

- For the safety of your children, we have implemented the following procedures; your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

- If anyone other than a parent/guardian is to pick-up a child (sibling, other camper parent, relative, neighbor, friend, etc.) please let us know in a note. Please send a signed note with the child on the day(s) the child is being picked up by someone other than his or her parent/guardian.

- If your child is to walk or self-transport home, please send a parent/guardian signed note giving authorization for Seahorse Camps to release the child to do so.

- If your child needs medication during the camp day, please bring the medicine clearly marked with dosage and times and give it directly to the Camp Director or on- site staff registration person