Looking for PDL Host Families!

PDL SEASON IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Will you help us by hosting one or two of our out of town players?!

Our players come from different parts of the country with varied backgrounds. But they have two things in common. They are high quality players who come to play at a high level and learn how to better use their God given talents. Our players mostly range from 19-26 years old. The heartbeat of the So Cal Seahorses  ministry is to train and equip players not only for soccer but for life outside the game through a strong foundation in their relationship with God. A player's experience on our teams sends them out better equipped to love God and serve others.

The schedule ranges from May 1st through mid-July. Host families make it possible for our out of town players to join us in La Mirada. Hosting a player means providing an environment that will encourage and strengthen their experience as a So Cal Seahorse player. Year after year, families from the area have welcomed our players into their homes. That experience has not only impacted players but has equally impacted the host family.

Will you host a player? Please contact us at 714-739-5060 and ask for Mark.