The people who are living here don’t have many chances to do something good.” That is how our church partner Petr Rattay described the housing project where Seahorses partner to run an outreach soccer camp each summer.


Our team actually ran a second camp with another church in the vicinity. Each camp had about 25 kids who learned soccer skills, heard the Gospel during Bible times and played mini tournaments. These camps are part of the churches’ outreach to their communities. Each of our players took part in leading drills and games. As well, each was able to share their testimony with the campers.

In addition to the camps the team played in two small-sided tournaments, another small sided match and a full 11 v 11 against a local youth club. Each of these games presented opportunities for us to give Gospel literature to opponents and for the local pastors and members of their congregations to have contact with people that would probably never come to their churches.

Our players are challenged to trust God in a new way as they enter another culture, serve and minister in a foreign setting. The growth is amazing to watch! They also get to know some of the culture as we take time to explore the sights and sample the food.

We continue to thank God for the chance to assist the church in Czech to reach this spiritually needy country.