“WOW , Where do I start? What a precious group of ladies & staff. Every year just seems to get better. God showed up in the midst of the heat and humidity through the great times & the trials, through a heat exhaustion experience, our leadership was wonderful. The girls came to LA where we started with a BBQ & Welcome. Then after two days of orientation which consisted of getting a Japanese song memorized, a song in English with hand motions ( My God is so Great…..) , testimonies written out & sent to Japan, a practice game & getting to know each other, we set out for Tokyo. Friendship, matches, clinics and using English we must have reached over 1,000 Japanese for the churches & pastors. Attending Japanese church was a highlight for many of the girls. Recognizing our visit was a tremendous encouragement to the Japanese believers was deeply impactful. 

We were split into visiting 5 different churches on Sunday. It was a different experience for each of our girls. Pictured above are three of our ladies in Kimono’s with the Sunday school class they helped teach. Pray for the Japanese churches, they are small but committed. 

Though pushed to the limit by a competitive schedule, being on the go, eating strange food and sleeping like sardines on church floors, the girls were quite effective in HONORING our Lord God.