For 5 years the Seahorses have been visiting our friends at San Juan Boscoe orphanage in Tecate, Mexico. This orphanage serves about 40 kids year round with housing, meals, transportation to and from school, mentorship, friendship, and all other basic needs. This weekend our PDL team was able to visit once again, what a joy it was! Time was spent holding soccer clinics for the children, fellowshipping over tacos, attending local church service, and serving the orphanage wherever there was a need. Please read below for some of our players take aways from this trip and please join us in praying for our friends in San Juan Boscoe. 

My first time in Mexico, I didn’t realize the amount of impact I could have on kids lives in such a short time. Even though I didn’t speak Spanish fluently, through the game of soccer there was still a bond made.
— Josiah Osborn
An incredible experience that will never be forgotten. Serving, loving, and living with the children of San Juan Boscoe.
— Ari Claro
Four day spent at a Tecate orphanage was unbelievable experience. Showing them love and that despite what happens in their life hope is still alive.
— Ray Estrada
Going down to Tecate and visiting this orphanage was so humbling. It’s crazy that to us something as small as a smile is nothing, but to them it’s the world.
— Luis Rodriguez